Estate Planning Services

Fill out our estate planning intake form FREE and get a draft estate plan. Our experts will raise the challenges for your family to address as well. Then, select the right plan and pay one flat fee to receive all the estate planning documents you need. 

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How we guide you through estate planning


Fill out our Estate Plan Intake Form

By completing the form, you'll provide our experts with the necessary details to prepare a free estate flow and a free will. Once complete, you'll be well on your way to creating an estate plan. There is no cost to completing our intake form or asking us questions along the way.


Receive & Review an Estate Flow & More

Based on your form, our team will send you a snapshot of your current estate and the challenges it could present for your family. We'll also show you how an estate plan will avoid probate and provide you with specific recommendations to implement.


Select your Estate Plan & Pay

When you're ready to move forward, select the Plan that makes sense for your estate. Pay our flat fee (starting at only $300!) and we'll send you the full, ready-to-sign estate planning documents with instructions.


Guidance in Implementing your Estate

Our team doesn't stop after sending you the documents. We'll send you reminders and action plans to make sure your estate plan is implemented and you can successfully avoid probate for your family.