We Guide your Family through Probate at the Most Affordable Cost. Guaranteed.*

At EZ-Probate, we expertly support loved ones through probate from start to finish. We offer as much guidance as you need from providing ready-to-sign documents on up to hand-holding every step of the way—you’ll only pay for what you need, drastically reducing your costs and getting access to your money faster.

Probate an Estate

Probate an Estate

Our team of probate experts is here to provide as much support as your family needs. Answer our free probate intake form and we prepare documents for review. Once you’re ready, simply choose which plan makes sense for your estate and we’ll be there to support you—at a fraction of the usual costs.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Want to avoid probate? We’re here to help with that, too. Our team can guide you through the essential estate planning documents: wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and medical powers of attorney. We’ll help you properly plan for your family and ensure they won’t have to suffer through the time and expense of probate.

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We're Here for You until Probate is Over


We are available via email, online chat or phone until you complete probate.


Save thousands of dollars by avoiding excess fees on services you don’t need.


Our experts know how to move your process faster and instantly create necessary documents.

Meet the Founder

Byron Batres is a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) who became an executor in 2012 with 19 years of financial and estate planning experience.  After hearing how much a probate attorney would charge for the process, Byron drew on his years of experience as a CFP® and completed the probate process without an attorney. 

After his experience he founded EZ-Probate with a mission to empower customers by reducing their expenses and protecting their financial assets. He has built and educated a team of experts ready to guide other families through the probate and estate planning process quickly with only as much support as they need to keep costs in check.

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