Easily Probate A Will Online Without An Attorney For Only $500

Don't Have A Will? No problem. We Can Help You Probate An Estate Without A Will

EZ-Probate is the easiest and most cost-effective way to prepare ready-to-sign probate court forms yourself. We provide everything you need to probate an estate on your own, drastically reducing your expenses and hassle.

Probate Made Easy

EZ-Probate has developed and refined an online probate process that saves time and money by probating an estate online.  EZ-Probate prepares ready-to-sign probate court forms and provides step-by-step instructions, allowing anyone to successfully probate an estate.

  • Avoid Costly Probate Attorney Fees
    Avoid Costly Probate Attorney Fees

    Every year probate attorneys take $2 Billion dollars from families while providing little to no legal advice. They simply fill out probate forms!  Save money by using an attorney only when absolutely necessary. (Spoiler: most probate cases don’t need an attorney, and most states don’t require them).

  • Step by Step Wizard
    Step by Step Wizard

    In less than 15 minutes, you can complete our initial questionnaire, and we will prepare all the necessary probate court forms — ready to sign. By following our step-by-step instructions, anyone can easily prepare probate court forms online with no need for a probate attorney.

  • Save Time
    Save Time

    Probate attorneys are slow, expensive and frustrating.  With EZ-Probate, you can start probate in minutes and receive ready-to-sign probate court forms the next business day.

  • We are here when you need us, and we offer a rich knowledge base to answer any questions you may have. Schedule A Free Consultation Now.