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Probate a will online
for only $500

Probate for a Will


Save Time and Money with Probates

EZ Probate will help you probate for a will without needing legal help. Through our easy-to-follow probate process online, you can accomplish all the necessary paperwork for submission to the court—with minimal costs.

This is at the heart of EZ Probate’s origin. Our founder, Byron Batres, knows the intricacies and the cost of the probate process. Mr. Batres, in 2012, was able to probate a will without going to an attorney. In realizing that it can be done while cutting back on the cost of probate, Mr. Batres then extended the same assistance to his financial planning client.

Today, EZ Probate provides comprehensive resources to help you achieve the same success when dealing with asset transfers and legal affairs of the deceased.

We’ll provide you with clear information on assets that qualify for probate, the probate process and the costs, and other relevant information. We’ll also identify situations when you’ll need to consult with a lawyer and name which states do require legal representation for probate.

There’s no reason why probate should cost you thousands of dollars. We help you probate for will by guiding you in filling out the necessary forms and providing the right information. Once done, you can file the probate paperwork by yourself.

Wherever you are in the United States, EZ Probate can help you.

Sign up for our 60-day free trial. Once you have an account, fill out our online form and we’ll help you prepare your probate documents and wills.

Easy to follow Step-by-Step Instructions.
All Required Forms Notifications.

Helping You Preserve Family Heirlooms

EZ-Probate has developed and refined an online probate process to save you time and money by probating an estate with little or no need for an attorney. We provide ready to file court petitions and documents saving you thousands on attorney fees. Save time and eliminate headaches with our easy to follow online probate process.

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Read, why we started EZ-Probate

Our Story

Hi, I’m Byron the founder of EZ-Probate. I started this company after I was named executor for my wife’s grandmothers estate. We needed to quickly probate her will and keep costs to a minimal. We were fortunate that I was a Certified Financial Planner with over 16 years of experience helping clients deal with probate. We were able to complete her estate without an attorney, saving the family from selling off some of the precious heirlooms that meant so much to them. My goal is to provide you with a similar experience and make it easy for you to probate a will online with minimal or no need for an attorney. Read more


 Money Back Gurantee

Through our own experience, we know how difficult and emotionally demanding it is to process a will. For that reason we offer you a 100% money back guarantee.Meaning, should you come to the conclusion you need the assistance of an attorney or prefer to work with someone else, you can refer to our 100% money back guarantee.

 Use Attorneys Wisely

A major part of the probate process consists of the tedious and time consuming task to fill out the relevant forms correctly. We believe your money should be spent more wisely on your attorney’s valuable time when you really need him. Save a lot of money, by letting EZ-Probate fill out the relevant forms and notifications for you.

 Great Support

We’re here to help you. Having successfully completed very complicated probate processes ourselves, we know what we’re talking about and are aware you have many questions.
Get in touch with us and we’re happy to answer your questions in a timely manner.