Our Satisfaction Guarantee

EZ-Probate will help you do probate right, guaranteed. We’ll be with your family every step of the way until probate is over. 


help v2Start to Finish Support Guarantee 

Our team is here to help get you through probate. You have access to our team of experts as long as your family’s estate is in probate. No expiration dates, no lapse in service. 


save timeFastest Guarantee

We help you prep the right documents when you need them and can e-file for you so you get your letters of administration in as little as 10 days-- so you get access to funds faster. 


home save2xAccuracy Guarantee

We’ll submit the right forms at the right time so you move through the courts as quickly as possible.  


Icon Avoid FeesNo Hidden Costs Guarantee

We charge one flat fee for probate, as long as it takes. No hidden charges. When you need to update a form, there’s no extra charge. If the court requests more information and you have to refile, your charges still won’t go up.  


EZ-Probate cannot be held liable for or guarantee exact time frames to complete probate or lack of responsiveness or information from the petitioner. Read more about our refund policy