Our team will get you through probate the right way, for a lot less money.

Fill out our probate intake form free and you’ll be well on your way to state specific, ready-to-sign documents to file. Then, select the plan with the level of support your family needs and pay one flat fee (starting at only $600!). We'll send the full probate packet with instructions and be there to support you every step of the way with no additional charges.

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How we guide you through probate


Fill out the Probate Intake Form

By completing this form, you'll provide us with the information our team needs to prepare a state-specific draft Petition for Probate for your estate. Once complete, you'll be well on your way to doing probate right. There is no cost to completing our intake form or asking us questions along the way.


Receive & Review a Draft Petition

Our probate experts prepare a draft Petition for Probate for your review. You and your family check the document for any missing or incorrect information. Answer our follow-up questions or schedule a free consultation.


Select your Probate Plan & Pay

When you're ready to move forward, select the Plan and support level that makes sense for your estate. Pay our flat fee (starting at only $600!) and we'll send you the full, ready-to-sign probate packet along with instructions.


File with Probate Court

Submit the fully prepared Petition for Probate to the court. Once you receive official documents from the court granting you power to act, log back in to your EZ-Probate account to complete the next steps. (Or chat with us to get assistance!)