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About EZ Probate


My personal background

I started in the financial services industry in 2001 as an financial advisor for a very large firm. I quickly realized to distinguish myself from other advisors I needed to develop skills and knowledge important to clients. That is why by 2003 I earned my Certified Financial Planner designation, and have enjoyed a successful career as an Financial Planner. 


Over the years one of my main jobs was to help people avoid probate by establishing specific planning tools such as Trusts, Joint Accounts, Transfer of Death; so that the person responsible to settle the affairs of a loved one has the easiest and cost effective job.



Why I started EZ-Probate 

In 2012 my Wife’s Grandmother passed away and she named me executor and trustee of her affairs. She lived a full and successful life and left a wonderfull legacy and inheritance to her family. Most of her assets where tangible (home & commercial real estate) with a very modest liquid (cash) balance. I wanted to minimize the cost to probate and minimize the times that needed to go before the court, so I set out and researched how to probate the will without an attorney. Fortunately for me I had years of experience helping clients understand correspondence from their attorneys as they navigated probate, and a stack of books as tall as I am on Estate Planning and Probate Procedures from the American College for Financial Planning.


I was able to prepare all the necessary court documents, submit my probate petition to the court, notify all the heirs, and comply fully with all the deadlines (state and federal) to successfully probate the will. 


The summer of 2015 one my financial planning clients called and told me that her mother died, and the only thing that needed to go through probate was her home. She was telling me her mom’s attorney was asking for $20,000 to probate the home! I told her to walk out and never speak to that attorney again. I helped her succesfully probate the estate. Even though she had one of the hardest cases to probate, as she only had a photocopy of the will, we were able to successfully probate the will and change the ownership of the home all with out an attorney. 


That is when this idea hit me, why not see if I (with the help of my wonderful programers) could develop an online do it yourself (DIY) probate process to help people minimize the cost of probate for a loved one’s estate.



Our Goal with EZ-Probate

Our goal is to provide you with the best resources and instruction so you can file probate court documents on your own. If and when you need actual legal advice you can pay specifically for the advice, not filling out court forms.


Would you pay your doctor to fill out your Insurance Intake form? Why pay the attorney to fill out the probate intake form?


EZ-Probate helps you use attorney’s wisely.


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