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Burlington, VT (August 17, 2020) – Like many disruptive technologies, EZ-Probate was born out of the founder’s unpleasant - and very expensive - experience of going through probate and finding little to no options outside of costly attorney fees and services. Founder Byron Batres, a Certified Financial Planner by trade and leading expert in probate, took on the task of managing the probate process himself, saving his family thousands of dollars and countless hours of frustration and confusion. Having undergone this experience and realizing that there were most likely many others like him, Byron developed a software system that is truly disrupting the traditional probate process by bringing the ease of probate to everyone, everywhere.

Launched in 2016, EZ-Probate has probated more than 1,200 cases and saved customers a total of more than $23M in unnecessary legal fees. EZ-Probate developed a solution that applies automation and user-friendly instructions for the probate process, allowing customers for the first time to effectively and inexpensively avoid probate independently.

“Our mission is to empower customers to probate an estate without an attorney and spend zero dollars in legal fees,” says Batres. “Until EZ-Probate, there wasn’t an alternative to using an attorney to manage the probate process. We discovered that the process can be automated and simplified, but more than that, it alleviates an incredible amount of stress and anxiety in an already overwhelming situation. That, to us, is the biggest benefit we can offer customers.”

Probate is one of the more unavoidable processes among us today. In 2019, there were 1.5 million full probate cases nationwide. With more unexpected deaths due to COVID-19 and the approximate 73 million Baby Boomers now entering their late 70s, the number of people that will be forced to deal with managing an estate and probate will inevitably increase. Moreover, the primary executors or administrators for Baby Boomers is the Gen X or Millennial generation, two groups that are accustomed to doing all-things-digital at their convenience. 

For Terri of Modesto, Calif., she discovered EZ-Probate after speaking to probate attorneys that were giving her estimates of $5-8k for probate services, even citing a fee of $1k just for an initial consultation. 

“EZ-Probate has been there for me,” she says. “They guided me through the options, and because I’m on disability, they got me all of the paperwork I needed and found programs that waived court fees that I never would have known about. As the only one left in my family after my dad passed away in April, I am very grateful for their wonderful service and support, and for saving me thousands of dollars.”

In addition to probate services, EZ-Probate also provides estate planning support, and the demand for automated, easy-to-use services for these situations is palpable. EZ-Probate currently gets about 26,000 unique website visits per month, more than 11,000 new conversations through their website chat, and signs up an average 300 new customers every month.

EZ-Probate’s streamlined, automated, online document management process helps customers avoid reliance on an attorney and is available for a straightforward, one-time fee. For more information, education on the probate process, and to review customers testimonials, please visit


About EZ-Probate

EZ-Probate is the easiest and most cost-effective way to probate an estate or create an estate plan. EZ-Probate’s team of financial planning and probate experts, and software engineers have developed a solution that brings automation, cost efficiency, and ease to the probate process. EZ-Probate’s software prepares ready-to-sign documents with easy-to-follow instructions, empowering customers to expedite the process conveniently, and either avoid probate or probate an estate on their own, significantly reducing costs, time and stress. Schedule a free consultation with a probate expert to find out more.