Announcing our new Attorney Plan

Pay only for a lawyer’s needed expertise, not for them to fill out forms. Still just one flat fee until probate is over or your estate plan is complete!

At EZ-Probate, we continually strive to keep your costs down during the probate and estate planning process. We want families to focus on their loved ones, not complicated processes or exorbitant fees they can’t afford. 

That’s why we worked together with attorneys around the United States to develop key partners for our customers. While we continue working with you to ensure you have all the necessary documents when you need them, we’ll connect you with an attorney in your area for any needed legal advice. No hidden fees or upcharges for the service, it’s part of your plan from the start. 

Not sure if you’ll need legal counsel? No problem! Sign up for our DIY, Concierge or EZ-Estate Plan and you can upgrade later for the cost difference (no upgrade charges, either!).

Our Attorney Partners
Legal counsel in States we operate

Picture of Robert Clavel

Robert Clavel, Esq.


Robert Clavel was the first attorney EZ-Probate hired to take on our Attorney Plan. With his input, he's truly helped us turn our vision into a reality. A brief background on Robert - he’s the owner and founder of California-based law firm, Clavel Law, specializing in probate and estate and business planning law. He has a deep passion for helping individuals preserve their families’ wealth and values through estate planning. His goal is to set his clients and their family’s up for a bright and successful future through sound legal strategies and counsel that they can trust.

Picture of Haley Simmoneau

Haley Simmoneau, Esq.

Texas & Oklahoma

Haley Simmoneau became EZ-Probate’s licensed attorney partner in the states of Oklahoma and Texas, in 2021. Our teams instantly connected because of our mutual passion and values alignment surrounding access to legal services. Haley is a practicing lawyer of 10+ years, and the owner and attorney at Athena Legal Group, PLLC. Haley has experience in a range of law areas, including but not limited to, bankruptcy, debt defense, and estate planning.

Picture of Evangeline Williams

Evangeline Williams, Esq.

New York

Evangeline is a top-performing attorney with 8+ years of demonstrated excellence in multifaceted legal functions. Specifically, she’s been clerking with a Probate and Estate planning attorney in Houston, Texas for over a year, learning the ins and outs of the probate process. She is a licensed attorney in the state of NY and District of Columbia, but will be expanding her states of practice to represent customers along the mid-atlantic.

EZ-Probate Attorney Plan Review
I had a very very good experience with EZ-Probate. I chose to pay for an attorney to speak for me with judge. I didn't have to be there. I tried doing it myself. Waste of time, money and headache trying to figure out what's what.

My attorney offered a way better solution than I ever thought could be. Fyi. Attorneys know way more.

Had only to have two court hearings and resolved. I have referred others to this company. They are quick to answer questions which is so great and the attorney's phone call with me was very comforting and he listed to me and gave me the best solution.

Please make it easy on yourself and call. You will not be disappointed.


- Karen

FAQ: How we work with attorneys

At EZ-Probate, we help loved ones use attorneys wisely. Our mission is to make probate and estate planning affordable, accessible and uncomplicated. Some families do need legal counsel, or prefer to speak with an attorney about particular aspects of their case. We make that possible at the lowest possible charge. 

How do you keep the fees down? 

We have attorney partners available throughout the US, and when you need legal counsel we will make an introduction so you can engage them on a limited scope basis. Your attorney will review and approve your forms as well as appear in court on your behalf. Once you’ve received the Letters of Authority, attorneys are available for limited legal counsel. Our expert team members are available to answer your administrative questions throughout probate, from start to finish.  

What is an EZ-Probate partner attorney? Are they on staff?

We partner with outsourced vetted lawyers to provide limited scope attorney representation for our customers. If a customer wishes to have full scope representation we can provide them with a reference and introduction to a lawyer in our network, but that relationship would be exclusively between the individual and the attorney so we cannot guarantee price, performance, or results. 

We do have an in-house attorney on staff at EZ-Probate who reviews our processes and makes recommendations as needed. Our team is not, however, made up of attorneys, we are not a law firm, and we are not a substitute for an attorney or a law firm. 

We are not a law firm, nor can we give any specific legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is formed by any interactions with the EZ-Probate team and the information you provide to us is not protected by attorney-client privilege. Depending on the specifics of your case, you may need to consult an attorney. You can do this with our Attorney Plan or by having us connect you with a lawyer in our network. 

Do I need an attorney for probate? 

All of the probate forms you need to complete probate can be created without the assistance of an attorney. You can also represent yourself in court (known as "pro se litigation"). 

Depending on your estate, an attorney may be able to provide personalized advice and more sophisticated services appropriate to your case, beyond the creation of probate documents. We established our Attorney Plan and attorney partner network for these instances so we could meet the needs of those families who prefer to work with an attorney or need legal advice. 

The forms offered on our site are publically available forms pulled directly from state probate court websites. Our  Do-it-Yourself plan is designed to accommodate the probate needs of the large majority of users and those with straightforward probate cases. Not certain if you need a lawyer? No problem. You can choose a lower-cost plan and upgrade later if legal counsel is needed. A lawyer can advise whether the documents you create are appropriate for your circumstance. 

When might I need an attorney for probate or estate planning? 

If you have any questions that fall under the definition of legal advice or legal counsel, you will need a lawyer.

There are a number of instances that might require retaining an attorney. Our expert support team is happy to help guide you through identifying if that may be necessary.

Do attorneys update your probate and estate planning forms? 

EZ-Probate actively strives to ensure our forms are current in your state as publicly listed, but we cannot 100% guarantee the accuracy, validity, or enforceability of the documents you create through our site.  

Does an attorney review my probate or estate planning documents?

Every intake form goes through an error review process designed to ensure that each of our customers inputs their information correctly, including with in-house counsel. We do not, however, evaluate the information you input, the decisions you make, or how well the documents created may suit your needs. For the DIY, Concierge, and EZ-Estate plans, an attorney does not specifically review your documents. In the Attorney Plan, a licensed attorney will review, file, and represent you in court.

Who is responsible for verifying the accuracy of my probate or estate planning documents?

For all our pricing plans, you are solely responsible for reviewing and verifying the information you provided in the intake form. These are statements of fact we rely on to produce your documents. You are also responsible for determining whether you need to update your intake form answers due to new developments, pending circumstances, or any other reason for all our plans regardless of attorney involvement. Our expert team will review your intake form and if we spot any errors or omissions we will highlight those for you, however, you alone are responsible to change those or instruct us to do so as needed.

Who files my forms: the attorney or me? 

For most plans, you are solely responsible for filing your forms with the court. For the Attorney Plan only, the attorney is responsible for filing your forms. 

What happens if my forms get rejected by the court? 

For the probate process, the forms that you file with the court are subject to the judge’s review and approval. There is no certainty that the court will accept your forms nor that they will appoint any individuals to the positions for which they are nominated. If rejected, the court will provide notes highlighting anything missing or additional information needed. EZ-Probate and our attorney partners will help you review court notes and help you resubmit your forms to the court at no additional cost. We are committed to guiding you through the process from start to finish.