We help you use attorneys wisely.

How We Work With Attorneys 

At EZ-Probate, we help our customers use attorneys wisely. Our mission is to make probate affordable, accessible, and as “easy” as possible. During our time in business,  we've learned that some of our customers might need or prefer to use an attorney, depending on the circumstances of their case, and we want to remain supportive and involved for our customers who do need that extra support while minimizing the legal fees traditional attorneys charge. 

How exactly does this work? 

We bring our outsourced attorney partners into the fold, you engage them on a limited scope basis, they review and approve your forms, appear in court on your behalf, and are available for legal counsel. Once you’ve received the Letters of Authority, attorneys are available for limited counsel through EZ-Probate, all while the while EZ-Probate Customer Success team members are available to answer administrative questions. 

Does EZ-Probate work with attorneys? Do you have any attorneys on your team? 

EZ-Probate partners with outsourced vetted attorneys to provide limited scope attorney representation for our customers. If a customer wishes to have full scope representation we can provide them with a reference and introduction to an attorney in our network, but such a relationship is exclusively between the individual and the attorney, and EZ-Probate cannot guarantee price, performance, or results.

We are not attorneys, we are not a law firm, and we are not a substitute for an attorney or a law firm. We cannot give legal advice, guidance, or services. No attorney-client relationship is formed by any interactions with the EZ-Probate Team and the information you provide to us is not protected by attorney-client privilege. Depending on the specifics of your case, you may need to consult an attorney.

Are you a probate court? 

We are not the probate court, nor do we have any affiliation with probate courts in any of the states that we conduct business in. 

Do I need an attorney for probate? 

All of the probate forms you need to complete probate can be created without the assistance of an attorney. You can also represent yourself in court (also known as "pro se litigation"). 

In certain circumstances, an attorney may be able to provide personalized advice and more sophisticated services that may be appropriate to your case, beyond the creation of probate documents. That’s why we established our attorney partner network for cases where our customers prefer to work with an attorney or need legal advice. 

In general, the forms offered through our site are designed to accommodate most needs of most users. However, documents created through our site may not be appropriate for everyone. An attorney can advise whether the documents you create are appropriate for your circumstance.

When might I need an attorney? 

If you have any questions that fall under the definition of “legal advice.” 

There are a number of instances when you might need an attorney. Our support team is happy to assist you in identifying when that might be. 

Do attorneys update your forms? 

From time to time, EZ-Probate actively makes an effort to make sure our forms are the most up to date in your state as publicly listed, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy, validity, or enforceability of the documents you create through our site.  

Does an attorney review my documents?

Every EZ-Probate questionnaire goes through an error review process designed to ensure that each of our customers inputs their information correctly. We do not evaluate the information you input, the decisions you make, or how well the documents create may suit your needs.  For the DIY and Concierge plans, an attorney does not specifically review your documents.  In the Attorney Plan, a licensed attorney will review, file, and represent you in court.

Who is responsible for my documents?

For all of our pricing plans, you are solely responsible for reviewing and verifying the information you provided in the questionnaire. These are the statements of fact that we are relying on to produce your documents. You are also responsible for determining whether you need to update your questionnaire due to recent developments, pending circumstances, or for any other reason. This is for our DIY, Concierge, and Attorney Plans. Our team will review your questionnaire and if we spot any errors or omissions we will highlight those for you, however, you alone are responsible to change those or instruct us to do so.

Who files my forms, the attorney, or myself? 

For DIY and Concierge, you are solely responsible for filing your forms with the court. For the Attorney Plan, the attorney is responsible for filing your forms. 

What happens if my forms get rejected by the court? 

For the probate process, the forms that you file with the court are subject to the judge’s review and approval. There is no certainty that the court will accept your forms nor that they will appoint any individuals to the positions for which they are nominated. If rejected, the court will provide “notes” highlighting anything missing or additional information needed. EZ-Probate will help you review court notes and help you resubmit your forms to the court at no additional cost.