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Our customer reviews show we hold true to our mission to make probate more accessible for everyone by keeping costs down and making it simple. We've helped more than 2,000 families and loved ones complete probate successfully. See what our customers have to say about working with EZ-Probate.

Probate & Estate Planning Reviews

EZ-Probate was built on the foundation of providing an easy, low-cost approach to the probate and estate planning process. Since then, we have helped save families over $23 million in combined legal and attorney fees.

The good news? Our team of experts is dedicated to saving you time and money, too—not charging you for services you don't need. By getting started with our online probate services risk-free, you'll be one step closer to joining thousands of satisfied customers. You can always schedule a free consultation to find out more about some of our most common questions: When do you do probate? and, of course, What is probate?

And not to worry, whether you're looking for help with probate paperwork, or starting probate without a lawyer or will, we've got you covered. Probate fees often vary by state but, from Florida to California and (almost) everywhere in between, ours stay the same.

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Hear from Verda, an EZ-Probate customer

"I was empowered by EZ-Probate's knowledge and explanation of all the forms I needed to get."

- Verda

But what about negative EZ-Probate reviews?

With 4.4/5 stars, you can believe when we say that EZ-Probate is a reliable and trustworthy partner in the probate process. Our team has constructed a library of resources that can help answer questions and provide support even before you start, from when is probate required to forms needed to file for probate. As with any business, you'll see some negative reviews out there that may raise some concerns but it's clear the overwhelming majority are positive about working with our expert team. We encourage you to reach out to our support team to address any questions or concerns and to find out more about how EZ-Probate can guide you through probate with or without an attorney or will.