California probate for a fraction of the costsave time and money with our Attorney Plan

Only pay for the legal counsel you need. No hidden fees or upcharges! EZ-Probate helps you prepare all the necessary ready-to-sign court forms and connects you with an attorney in your area for the legal counsel you need. Pay one flat fee and start today for only $500 with our payment plan.

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Our California Attorney Partner

Robert Clavel, Esq.

Picture of Robert Clavel, Esq.

Robert was the first attorney hired for the Attorney plan. He is the owner and founder of California-based law firm, Clavel Law, specializing in probate. His goal is to set his clients and their family’s up for a bright and successful future through sound legal strategies and counsel that they can trust.

  • Save $1000s in Attorney Fees
    Save $1000s in Attorney Fees

    We'll prepare the necessary court forms, saving you $10,000 or more on attorney fees. Simply pay one flat fee (starting at only $5,000!), or select a payment plan starting at just $500 per month. 

  • Save Time
    Save Time

    Prepare court ready documents in the same time it would take you to hire your own lawyer. You'll get the probate process moving faster, and get legal counsel when you need it.

  • Help When You Need It
    Help When You Need It

    EZ-Probate's Intake Form is simple to fill out, but we also have an expert probate team to help answer any questions until probate is over. Receive legal counsel direct from our California attorney partner.